VOLVIERON DEL SUR (VdS) views itself as part of an even larger team, which is actively involved in all aspects of Aliyah work. VdS is eager to work in cooperation with congregations and ministries and share the available resources and gifts in God's Kingdom.

Together with members of the board and volunteers, VdS actively supports the Jewish people worldwide, serving them and helping the Sephardic Jews in particular, to prepare for their return to Israel.

Do you wish to join us?
We warmly invite you to do so.

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Yearning for the South

Individuals, companies, groups and churches can take part in supporting Israel. Only through combined effort is it possible to open up the way for the repatriates to return from the south.

Sponsor a person or a family who would like to return to Israel, but who are unable to do so for economic reasons.

Pay the travel costs for individuals to return to Israel. Later it will be necessary to charter or to purchase ships or airplanes for group travel.

Invest in southern Israeli territory (Negev) - in the economy, in construction companies, in agriculture and in scientific undertakings in order to create good living conditions.

Help us spread this vision through modern means of communication.