Aliyah to arise, to go up, to ascend. Refers to the process of Jews returning to Israel.

Anusim Sephardic Jews who were victims of forced conversions and torture.

Diaspora In 358 BC, the Jews from Israel were taken into exile by the Babylonians. Later, it was the Romans who dispersed them. Even today, people still speak of the Diaspora. This term is used to refer to the areas where Jews live outside of their native land, Israel.

Heresy In early Christian Greek, choice of faith or also party (hence heretic: a believer who departs from orthodoxy). Synonym for false doctrine.

Inquisition Latin: Interrogation. Emerged as an establishment of the Roman Catholic Church as a means of eliminating heresy.

Ladino/s 1. A romance language with elements originating from Hebrew. It is a language spoken by the Sephardic Jews, particularly by those in the Balkan. Also known as Judeo-Spanish.
2. Ladino in Central America: a Spanish speaking or educated Indian, a mestizo.

Marrano/s A Spanish or Portuguese Jew, who during the Middle Ages, was forced to convert to Christendom, but who secretly continued to practice Jewish rites. [Marrano, translated from Spanish, meaning 'pig' (Jews are not allowed to eat pork), possibly also from the Arabic, 'mahram', meaning something forbidden.]

Sepharad place of exile, Spain.
Nowadays, a surprising number of Jews live in North, Central and South America, as well as in the Caribbean, having no awareness of their true identity. However, many of them have recently been discovering that their real roots are not to be found in these countries, but in Israel. This has awakened an increasing desire in them to deal with their past.